I'm Still Here!

I've been grading papers and essay tests like a madwoman. Not really, but I do feel surgically attached to my paper-grading pen these days. Today is going to be a free day for most of my students. I gave several tests yesterday, and we start completely new units on Monday. Today's a half-day because it's the last day of the six-week period.

Someone mentioned to me that "you really should go to work for the public school system" because they pay more and have benefits. But the truth is, unless we move or I get fired, I don't want to leave my school. It's not a public/private school thing, it's simply the fact that my school is a wonderful place to work. I love it way too much to want to leave. Plus, I think that (wonder of wonders!) I'm really teaching some of these kids.

One other thing: I want to play a role in our school's goal to become a School of Excellence. I'm such a geek. I can't help it. I just love the idea of academic excellence. I think I was indoctrinated at a young age, since the school that educated me was a School of Excellence and was always letting everyone know it.

School is almost relaxing now that I have my own classroom. It has made such a difference. I'm taking my digital camera to work with me today so I can get some pictures. Of course, dear readers, I shall share them with you once I've downloaded them.

Did I mention that they may put a piano in my room?


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