Classroom Pictures

I've received several e-mails reminding me that I'd promised to show pictures of my classroom on this blog. I don't know why it matters, and I hate to post because I said I wasn't posting anymore, but here goes. These are pictures of my classroom, for the two-and-a-half of you who e-mailed me, plus any others who are interested.

This is a very nice semicolon ("Mr. Semicolon") that the students can pet, or talk to, or smile at when they walk into my room. We love semicolons in my class. We especially love Mr. Semicolon.

This is the "view" from my desk. The big purple banner ("Turn the pages of your imagination. READ!") keeps falling, so I'm going to attack it with extra-strength duct tape this weekend. The bulletin board on the right displays a genetics project that my science class did. It's since been replaced with a "life in a drop of pond water" display of protist mugs.

Here's one of my two bulletin boards. This one is devoted to composition and English. I've changed the ugly English half (on the right side) since this picture was taken. It looks much better now, as it features drawings from my students' English Renaissance projects.

This is where Yours Truly paces while giving her brilliant lectures (ha). I've since added a portrait gallery that runs along the top of the whiteboard. It features whatever poets we're studying in English Lit and Fundamentals of Lit. I'll also add pictures of other writers and of scientists to make the "portrait gallery" more relevant to my composition and science students.

So, those are my classroom pictures. It'll be a much more exciting classroom next year when I actually have some time to plan and set it all up before school starts. It's a pretty good classroom, though. Nice and roomy.


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