Best of Waterfall

I don't know if this is really a "best of" list. The posts listed below consist of my favorites, along with several that were most often linked by other sites. Enjoy!


Beautiful!: The story of why I used to hate J.S. Bach

Pianokeysia: A humorous story about piano addiction

Cursed Animosity: Trials and tribulations of learning contrary-motion scales

Severus Bach: A dream about Bach

Wherefore Art Thou George?: How my piano got its name

Casals on Bach: Pablo Casals on J.S. Bach

Castrati Bad. Composer Good. Happy Birthday, Papa Haydn.: How Haydn almost became a castrato

The Beatles Invasion of 1985: My discovery of the Beatles

Latch-Key Piano: Fun with children


The Romance-Writing Career that Wasn't: Why I decided not to be a romance writer

Alas! Forsooth! A Golden Poet Story!: The extent of my fame as a poet

Adoption Birthday Poem: Where I'm From: My "Where I'm From" poem

Prufrock Thoughts and Mitty Moments: Neuroses shared with great writers and poets


Rodent in Residence: A short piece about my cat, Beau, and some of the friends he picks up

A Humory: A happy-birthday story for my dad

Vestis Virum Reddit: A rather long piece about my poor fashion sense

May the Sexiest Candidate Win: My commentary on the '04 elections

Giddy: A happy post

Two Chopin Trips, and a Jealous Sister: More on my poor fashion sense

2004: The Necessary Year: A recap of 2004

Beach Reading and Mating Signals: How a studious nerd picked up a hot lifeguard

Homesick: Places I love

In My Birthmother's Words: A post by my birthmother

J-Hat Cleaning Frenzies for a P-Brain: Fun post regarding MBTI personality types

No, I Wil Not Be the Next Falz: Memories of a high-school English teacher

Big Fat: Memories of when I was fat

Cafe Teria: My first non-professional job after a decade of professional jobs


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