Writing, Macbeth, and a Manic Crash

It's amazing, the things I've written since becoming a high-school teacher. I just wrote a really good (if I may say so myself) "unofficial guide" for writing a critical analysis of a poem. I mixed a bit of what I've found in books, a bit of what I found online, and a bit of my own experience-based knowledge, and wrote it. My English Lit students have to write a critical analysis of either a Shakespeare sonnet or one of Macbeth's early soliloquies (their choice), but their writing experience is limited. Hence the unofficial guide, which we'll go over (for the first of many times) in class tomorrow.

Speaking of Macbeth, I am experiencing the play on a whole 'nother level now that I'm reading it as a teacher. Sure, I knew Lady Macbeth was evil when I read it the first dozen times, but I've never been so struck by her evil as I am during this reading. I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my fellow readers--the students, some of whom are brand-new to Shakespeare--are reading Macbeth for the first time.

I'm very tired today. Remember that manic high I started on the other day? Well, it all came crashing down today. I'm not sure how I made it through the afternoon. Lots of prayer, I guess.


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