Today Was So Good

In Life Science, I managed to explain cellular respiration, both aerobic and anaerobic, without confusing anyone. And I have them working on a song to help them to remember the steps.

In English Lit, I managed to explain sonnets without jumping up and down and squealing, "Yippeeeee, we're reading Shaaaakespeeeare!!"

In composition, we talked about parallelism. I love parallelism. And at least one of my students said she has learned to love semicolons. A convert!

In Fundamentals of Lit, I told my Christian-school students that comma splices and fused sentences were the eighth and ninth deadly sins, respectively.

And Waterfall said, "Thou shalt not fuse thy independent clauses!"

School was good today. On Tuesday, I had to go home early because I was overwhelmed and couldn't stop crying. Wednesday was a little better but still not great. Thursday (today) rocked.

I felt like the perfect little English teacher.

Life is good!


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