Puncture Wound

Last night, while "playing" with my cat (though he had a weird idea of "playing"), I sustained a puncture wound to the knuckle of my right index finger. I thought nothing of it, since I always have a scratch or two on me from "playing."

But today, my finger is swollen, stiff, and painful. I can barely type, much less play the piano or hold a tennis racket (two things I'm supposed to do today).

I wonder if it's swollen because the (somewhat deep) puncture is right in the knuckle, or if it's infected. If I'm still in major pain after another day or two, I guess I'll go see the doctor.

Ah, what a nice way to start the week! (My freshmen would tell you that this sentence is an example of verbal irony.)


Lillie said…
I found this blog entry through a google search (July 13th, 2008). If you get this soon, or if ever, could you please let me know how your injury turned out? The same thing happened to me today. lillie_halverson@yahoo.com

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