Poor Benjamin Czarnota

Lately it seems that a lot of folks have been Googling an opera singer from Indiana University named Benjamin Czarnota, and it leads them to my site. This is because he played the Count in Brevard Music Center's summer 2004 performance of The Marriage of Figaro, which I wrote about on my blog.

I made a comment in that post about Czarnota's effectiveness in the role. See, the guy who played Figaro was a big, good-lookin' guy, and Czarnota's count was small and slight, with slicked-back hair (if I remember right). The Count, who is trying to seduce Figaro's bride-to-be, is supposed to be a despicable character, and Czarnota's character looked the part.

In the blog post, I didn't describe him very nicely. I said Czarnota made the count look like a little weenie of a man. I meant it as a compliment (how often do opera singers actually "look the part," anyway?), but now people are Googling this poor guy and reading that some stupid blogger girl thinks he looks like a little weenie of a man. That's not how I meant it, I promise!

It's amazing, the things that come back to haunt you in the blogosphere.


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