Random Bloglike Thoughts

This post has no real purpose. I link to nothing. I write of nothing of interest to anyone but myself, and maybe my mom.

I just wanted to share with the world that I had a good day at school today. I've come up with a new method of lesson planning that seems to help.

Basically, I sit down on Sunday and write a big honkin' technical proposal.

Yes, a technical proposal.

I've written so many technical proposals in my life that I could write 'em with my eyes closed. When I'm thinking or talking, my thoughts tend to be unorganized. When I'm writing, I'm a lot more organized. If I'm writing a technical proposal, it forces me to be organized, to have foresight, and to get all those handouts and worksheets written and ready to go before the week even starts.

The only reason I was able to save money for and plan my AT thru-hike was because ... yes, I wrote a technical proposal.

Last night, I did no prep work for school, none, other than cutting out construction-paper organelles for Life Science. Tonight I need to write a study guide and finish grading papers, but that's it. I'm going to have the leisure to watch "Law and Order: SVU" and cook dinner and practice piano and spoil the Hubster when he gets home (and blog, as you can see ...).

According to my technical proposal, tomorrow should be a fun day. We're looking at stuff in the microscope in Life Science, and we're discussing the Nun's Priest's Tale from The Canterbury Tales (that's the one about Chanticleer and Pertelote). And composition has writing workshop tomorrow--which means I don't have to plan anything!

So, if you're having trouble getting things organized ... try writing a technical proposal. Works for me every time.


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