A Good Day ... Finally

Last week I was wondering when the honeymoon period ended. The past Thursday, Friday, and Monday have defintely been non-honeymoon days. Fatigue has been a problem, as I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog.

But today was good. Nothing special ... just good. I love my seventh graders. They are the highlight of my morning. I played Bob Dylan tunes in English Lit (the topic o' day was ballads and ballad styles). Composition was good--we talked about thesis statements. Not that thesis statements are all that exciting, but the class itself has a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that I really like. And I think they find my passion for semicolons amusing. In English 9, we talked about good ol' Edgar Allan Poe. It was just a good day.

When I got to school yesterday, I mentioned to another teacher, "I think my teacher approval rating is going to plummet today."

"Why is that?" she asked.

"I'm handing back papers. And they ain't all 'A's.'" (Of course I didn't say "ain't." Good English teachers don't say "ain't." In public, at least.)

The other teacher just raised her eyebrows knowingly.

But guess what? No one has attacked me with their binders. No one has thrown a forbidden cell phone at me. In fact, several students met with me today so we could go over their drafts and they could get further pointers for their revisions.

On top of that, several parents contacted me and told me today how much they appreciate the feedback I've provided on their kids' papers. One parent said she took one look at her daughter's graded draft and thought to herself, "Now that's a teacher who really knows what she's doing."

Yes, I do know what I'm doing. It's a ton of work, but at least I'm comfortable with my subject(s). It's nice to feel appreciated. I'm so thankful to be at this school.


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