From the Louisiana Hiking Club List ...

This notice is from Stacey Scarce, a friend of mine in Lafayette, LA. They are looking after the pets.

If you are in or know anyone who is in Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas or anywhere else that is reasonably close to the disaster area, and can help with fostering, transporting, or anything else please email me at I am working with Denise Olsen with P.E.T.S . They are leaving for the area and are taking and needing food, leashes, crates, water, litter, and anything else. I am the contact that can get your information to her if you need me to help with that. Also, if you KNOW that there are animals still at a location and they need help please send me the name, address, a detailed description of the animal(s), last location known, and contact information if we find them and any other important information we may need. This is for animals that were left behind or for people who are trapped with their animals with no food, water, electricity and cannot get help. OR for people who still have their animals, but cannot properly help them since most everything has been destroyed.


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