Vocabulary Enthusiasts, Unite!

I found a link to the Vocabulary Reclamation Project (VRP) through Semicolon. I'm a word-nerd, so I thought, "Hm, this looks like something I should probably check out."

And I got all excited when Ariel (the VRP blogger) wrote that a Master's degree in English is required to join the VRP. Finally, finally, I thought with glee, my degree comes in handy! Oh joy!

Then he said he was just kidding. Oh well. He writes, "The only prerequisite [for joining ... which I think means being listed in his blogroll] is a genuine love for words."

Yep. I still qualify.

I know I'm not the only word-nerd out there. Check out Ariel's VRP site, as well as his other blog, BitterSweet Life.


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