Spiritual Gifts

The principal at our school gave us a personality test to take home with us, with the instructions, "Take this test before the in-services start on August 22, and don't wait until the night before!"

Well, you know me. I'm a sucker for personality tests, so I took it. The test is supposed to tell you (1) your spiritual gift(s) and (2) your MBTI-style personality.

Mrs. Gwen, get ready to laugh.

My top four spiritual gifts were, in the following order:

1) Teaching
2) Knowledge
3) Discernment
4) Encouragement

My lowest non-gifts were:

1) Evangelism
2) Pastor/Shepherding
3) Hospitality
4) Serving/Ministry

OK, so I'm not a people-person. We all knew that.

The "personality test" section says that I'm a "C/I/S" type: Competent Influencing Specialist. My highest personality style was I, which means "Active/People-oriented," with "I" standing for "inspiring, influencing, inducing, impressing, interactive, interested in people." Sounds very ENFP-ish, doesn't it. My second-highest personality style was S, which stands for "steady, stable (ha! ha!), shy, security-oriented (moi?), servant, submissive (huh?), specialist. (Ah, there's the introversion!)

It was an interesting test, but I don't find the results as accurate as the Myers-Briggs. Neither will my mom, regarding the spiritual gifts. She is the goddess of discernment and will laugh heartily when she reads that I scored highly in that area.

I always felt that I had discernment ... I just didn't always choose to listen to it.

This test was the Uniquely You test. It'll be fun to compare my results with the other teachers at the school.

I can't wait for school to start. I met the other teachers this week, and I have a really good feeling about our group.

So, does anyone else know what their spiritual gifts are supposed to be? I've never taken a test like this, and to be honest, I've never really thought about what my spiritual gifts are or are not. I feel exceedingly giftless in that area, in fact. I just know I like to write and make music, and that's what I've always been good at doing, and that's the way that I best connect with others.


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