Practice Totals for Week of 8/14

One week of the Fall 2005 Practicing Pact is now complete! Before I give the results, I want to welcome anyone who might want to participate. We had quite a few posting their minutes last spring, so I hope some of y'all will start posting again. Meanwhile, three of us kicked off this fall's challenge.

In first place was the ever-dedicated Hilda, the Dominican Oboist in New York, with 310 minutes. She recently posted about practicing here, and I love what she said about the joy of learning to play:

Almost 9 months since I started I still periodically tear up when listening to really beautiful playing. Either that or I smile broadly. It's just so pleasing to me. So I always wondered if my own playing would be pleasing to me or if it would always be a bit stressful. Well tonight I decided to play just music for fun and I think I got a glimpse of something good.

I got a big smile when I read that!

In "second place," practice-wise, is Irksome Girl Marcy (300 minutes), who plays hammered dulcimer. She's been working on a whole slew of things that include "traditional" tunes with delightful titles ("Snowy Path Slip Jig," "Devil in the Strawstack," "Miss Gordon of Gight," and my favorite, "Spootiskerry") and an arrangement of "For the Beauty of the Earth." For the hymn, she writes, "I worked out a dulcimer, flute, and singer arrangement for a wedding earlier this year, and decided I'd like to learn to sing it and accompany myself." Now that is something I'd like to hear!

Coming in last is pianist Waterfall (that's me) with a big 150 minutes of practice time this week. That's more than I've managed for most weeks this summer, so I'm glad I was able to practice as much as I did. I'm still doing the usual stuff, though I'm hoping that Chopin A-flat Ballade is just around the corner! (And if I'd practice more, it just might be!)

Great job, everyone. For those who want to participate this week (August 21-27), just post your minutes in the comments for this post. Remember, be sure to include what you're working on (even if it's just scales and arpeggios), and let me know if/when you post practice- and playing-related thoughts on your blog so I can link them here.

(See, that's another advantage of participating ... free blog linkage!) :-)


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