Piano is a "Go"

I've decided, against the helpful, thoughtful, and unquestionably wise advice of many, to take piano lessons this semester. No, I don't have time for it, and no, I can't really afford it, but ... I don't want to quit. Deep down inside, despite what everyone is saying (and despite what I'm telling myself), I don't want to quit. I've taken and quit, taken and quit, taken and quit so many times. It's the story of my life, piano-wise.

I've studied with Deborah for a year and a half now, which is about how much time I usually stick with a teacher before I quit again. If I stop this time, it'll be just another lesson-taking stint of mine, come and gone. I'll have the best intentions of going back, but you know how life tends to get in the way of all our best intentions ...

So, piano readers, I'm back. The practice pact starts up again on Sunday, August 14. Participate if you want; I'll post more information on it later. Long, boring posts on practice sessions should resume, too, once the sessions themselves resume.

La la la, get ready for more effusive praise of my Beloved, Bejowled, and Bewigged One!


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