Overcome with Gratitude

Would I be overcome with gratitude or overcome by gratitude? Guess I need to bone up on those prepositions.

Whatever it is, all I know is that I was very recently jumping up and down, grinning ear to ear, and hugging my exciting new gift.

My friend Andye sent me my own Bach action figure. Out of the blue. Just because she's happy that I'm going to be a writing teacher.

I want to e-mail her and thank her profusely for this wonderful gift, which is now sitting proudly upon George, but I don't have her e-mail. So I'll thank her publicly.

Thank you, Andye! I LOVE it!

What shall I name my new action figure? Hmmm ... how about Wolfg--no, maybe Ludw--hmm. I know! I'll name him ... Sebastian!

Andye, please e-mail me (my e-mail address is in the sidebar, toward the top) so I can thank you in e-person! Love ya!


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