Life is Good

I just played George for two hours. He's sadly out of tune (again), but he was happy to bask in my attention.

Thanks to my busy and unstructured schedule, George and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship all summer. Lessons have also been intermittent (only one lesson last month), so poor George has suffered much neglect recently.

This week is my last piano lesson of the summer. If I don't take lessons this fall, it'll be my last lesson for a long time. I'm leaning toward taking the lessons in the fall, despite the wisdom of taking some time off so I can focus on teaching. Right now, my lack of funds (and, to be honest, some reluctance on my part) is what stands between me and those piano lessons. Darn teacher salaries ...

There is much to blog about regarding this past weekend ... meeting poets and writers at the High Country Book Fair ... spending quality time with the Hubster (and letting him win at Scrabble) ... playing the piano well at church this morning ... more teaching preparations ... reading, reading, reading ... and a strange disorder that I recently learned about and want to blog about when I have more than 10 minutes at the computer.

Life is good for me these days. So pardon me while I go snuggle into bed with the cat, wait for Hubster to get home, and read, read, read a bit more.


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