Hopkins Music

EarthSweetEarth, of gerardmanleyhopkins.net, tells of The Alchemist, a 2-CD collection of Gerard Manley Hopkins's poetry set to music by vocalist, musician, and songwriter Sean O'Leary. Hopkins himself was interested in music and even tried to learn violin and piano, as well as a bit of composition, but was never able to pursue any of these things to any great degree. Good thing he at least had the time and resources to write poetry!

For some reason, O'Leary's contemporary acoustic folk-style music isn't what I expected to hear for Hopkins's music, but I do like acoustic folk music, so I am enjoying listening to the samples. And the more I listen to them, the more I like them.

Plus, it's always pleasant to hear poetic lyrics in songs. :)

Listen to the music samples here. O'Leary sings all songs, with soprano Belinda Evans singing backup vocals.

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