Fun with Dialect

Now, I was born and raised on the edge of Cajun Country, so I hardly have the right to be amused at people's southern accents. Even though I decided, when I was in ninth grade, that I didn't want to sound like a "dumb southerner" anymore and worked very hard at losing my accent. It worked, to a great degree; when people talk to me, they can tell I'm from the south, but the accent is only very slight.

Living in Western North Carolina, however, has added a bit of twang to my speech. I'm kind of glad. It was silly of me to lose what was a very respectable Plaquemine/Baton Rouge hybrid of a dialect.

But I'm not posting this to talk about me. I want to tell y'all about our roofer.

This guy was obviously born and raised in western North Carolina. Like most folks from here, he's very friendly, if a bit rough around the edges. And when he drawls, he draawwwlls.

The other day, he said, "It's all rotted around your chimney," only it came out as, "S'all rodded roun' a-chimley." And "chimley" was pronounced "chimlih."

It's so delightful. We're supposed to pay him today, but I think I'd give him a dollar just to say "chimley" again.

Now ... if my students say "chimley" ... I suppose I'll have to correct them. :-(


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