Tired and Wired

Uh-oh. The Hubster is worried. I'm on another one of my crazy manic binges.

I haven't slept in, oh, about 36 hours. My TMJ is killing me because I'm so tense. But it's not a bad tension. Or a bad-feeling tension. It's an exhilirating tension. It's a weird fight-or-flight response that rises to the challenge when I find myself overwhelmed with a million billion trillion delightful things to do. Things like:

- Writing the novel I'm writing (made it to page 165 today)
- Planning for five (count 'em) different classes (school starts in 37 days)
- Working part-time at a new job and learning the ropes there
- Planning for my Hopkins presentation in a couple of weeks
- Writing music
- Practicing my beloved, bewigged, and bejowled Bach on piano
- Learning new stuff to play for church on Sunday

The school thing is what's really getting me. It used to get me this way when I was in grad school, too. I spent half of grad school feeling like I was flying. Dizzy and disoriented, yet more tense and intense than ever.

It's like I'm high on ... Beowulf. And Shakespeare. And Milton. I love this stuff. It's really started to hit me that I'm really going to be teaching this stuff that I love so much. Whether the students care about it or not. I just get to be with all of my favorite dead British poets for an entire year. And the thought of it makes me want to go outside into the rain and dance like Snoopy in the joyful night.

How can I expect to sleep when I feel this way? So I stay up, re-reading all this wonderful poetry, thinking about schedules and lesson plans, working out the calendar for this class or that class.

I need to get some sleep. So I took some NyQuil. A great big swaller.

Then--duh--I remembered about the Harry Potter midnight party at the bookstore. Where my pre-ordered copy awaits me. And where I can't drive because ol' Hubster is sound asleep from his overly busy past couple of days, and I'm loopy on the Sniffling-Sneezing-Coughing-Aching-Stuffy-Head-Fever-So-You-Can-Rest Medicine.

Does Hogwarts teach a spell for sleeping? Somnulo, or something like that?


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