Technorati Finds

I hadn't done a Technorati search on my blog in a long, long time. On a whim, I just did one. And learned that lots of blogs I've never seen have linked to my little old Sort of Notebook. All of the unexpected "attention" has inspired me to put more effort into making this blog worth reading for those who visit (i.e., more on interesting stuff and less on my petty daily complaints).

Thanks to all of you who have linked me. I have most of you in my blogroll, but here is a list of Waterfall-linking blogs I found through Technorati that are new to me.

Treasures of Darkness is written by "Glorybeam," a wonderful writer and INFP blogger (she's linked in the INFP blogs in my sidebar).

A Stop at Willoughby is written by Patrick, a novelist living in Virginia.

The Better Bibles Blog is a blog of ideas for improving English Bible translations. I've never read it, but it looks interesting, so I hope to plow through its archives later this week!

Life in Cyprus is the personal blog of a Brit living in Cyprus.

I Hear the Baby Birds is an "okay pianist" (her words) and Outer Life reader. Obviously a blogger with excellent taste. :) I love her blog title, too.

To Tell You the Truth is a written by Dave Cruver, a Christian blogger in South Carolina.

Kathleen Dalton of The Minor Prophet is another Christian blogger.

Jennifer of Bocca della Vertia' linked my "Where I am From" poem and wrote her own.

Julia is a writer in Texas who blogs Musings of a Writing Wife.

I feel like a bad blogger friend because I have never visited most of these blogs before I found out about them via the Technorati search. But they're on my list now of blogs to explore this week. Hope y'all will visit them, too!


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