Piano Update

How are all you musicians doing on your practicing? Do we dream of the day when, like symphony orchestra members Pei Yun and Patty, we'll have reason to practice and play a lot more than we do now?

Hm, maybe. I'd have to think about it. But I must admit, I have relished the time available for practicing this summer. My Dett piece (sample #10 if you click the link) is sounding really, really good. There is this one sticky part, about twelve measures, in the second half of the piece, and I still need to smooth it out. Other than that (and the fact that I need to play it faster), it sounds really good.

You would think I'd be sick of it, since I've been working on it so long. But, considering the fact that I played very little piano from February to May, thanks to my thumb injury and vacation, I guess I haven't been working on it that long. So I'm not tired of it yet. Particularly since it's begun to sound good!

The two Bach sinfonias are lovely (samples #26 and 30, if you click on the link). I love them, I love them, I love them!! Particularly the G-minor. And I'm not even playing hands together yet. I've marked all the fingering and analyzed them, and now I'm learning them hands separately, as well as learning each of the voices. At work, while working the slop bucket, I'll have so much noise and busy-ness surrounding me, but in my head I'm listening to the soprano, alto, or tenor voice of the G-minor sinfonia. Or I'll imagine two of the voices together, or all three. Talk about a brain-massage. Ah, the consolations of Bach.

My last piano lesson wasn't a piano lesson at all; it was an internet session where I helped Deborah find and order some Piazzolla music online. That was only supposed to take a few minutes, but we kept finding things. Our "lesson" started an hour late, so we decided to reschedule it for later.

I have no lesson this week, either. Instead, we have "group class." It'll be interesting, I think, because she has several new students that I haven't met. I'm going to play the Dett.

Interest in the piano practicing pact has waned, thanks to our busy schedules, so I'm going to stop it for now. If folks are interested in starting it up again in the fall (I will definitely need the motivation then, once I have a job to rival piano time), we'll do that.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer and is remembering to practice their Georges pianos (and stringed instruments, and oboes, and everything else) every now and then!


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