My, How Time Flies ...

Welp, I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a little while ago. I cannot believe I read 600+ pages in, oh about eight hours. I also did some work, practiced piano, talked to my sister on the phone, and watched Into the West between chapters. Came home after church this morning and read the last three.

I cried at the end, but not nearly the way I boo-hooed after Sirius died. The whole thing with Snape was weird but not unexpected, I guess. I'm just glad the online sorting hat made me a Gryffindor and not a Snapey old Slytherin.

Want to Get Sorted?
I'm a Gryffindor!

I was sad that Dobby had such a minor role in this installment. I was glad the kids all dropped Care of Magical Creatures (no offense to Hagrid). I'm sad that the book is over. Wish it had been longer.

Oh well. I don't want to put a bunch of spoilers out because I know some of my readers haven't received their copies yet.

Very satisfying book, for the most part. I think Book 4 (Goblet of Fire) is still my favorite of all the Harry Potter books. I loved Mad-Eye Moody.


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