Maybe It Was Meant to Be

You know, ever since I've started the hectic planning process for teaching English, I keep thinking of how ... appropriate ... it is for me to pursue this career. I never realized how much I quote poetry in everyday conversation until recently. It never seemed strange to me that I write essays all the time, just for fun ... until I thought about the fact that I'll be assigning them to people. And then today, I decided to clean out my desk--the same desk that has served as little more than a junk-shelf for the past two years.

In the desk, among other things, I found the following:

1) Sticky stars. Shiny gold, silver, red, and blue.
2) Stickers of books wearing great big smiley faces.
3) A grade book.
4) A handful of syllabi that I made for myself in past autodidactical learning efforts.
5) Art supplies.
6) Crayons.
7) Elmer's School Glue.
8) A box of unused transparencies.
9) A seating-chart chart (from an old education class, apparently)
10) A blank lesson-plan book.
11) A framed woodblock-looking picture of Malvolio with the caption, "Some are become great, fome atcheeve greatneffe, and fome have greatneffe thruft upon em."

There were a few other teacher- and English-class-nerd type things, but I'll stop there.

I'm wondering if I shoulda gotten a job teaching first grade, though, with my shiny stars and smiling book stickers. Kids that young would probably even like the funny Malvolio picture.


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