An Idea for the Friends

The Friends of the Library have their annual book sale every year (is that a redundant statement?). I went yesterday and bought about 15 books for $8.75. I went today and bought another stack fo $10.00.

Where, now, do I expect to store these books? I have no clue. Hubster and I recently got a new bookcase because our books were overflowing off the ones we already had. We filled the new bookcase in the process of Dewey-decimal-systematizing everything. It was perfect. Every last book fit. For the most part.

And now I have all these new books. Once again, we'll be doubling books up on the shelves until we can get a new bookcase (and a new house ... we have no more room for bookcases).

So I told the Friends of the Library people, I said, "You know, you should have a raffle for everyone that buys books at this sale. The winner of the raffle should win a free bookcase, so they'll have a place to put all their newly acquired books."

The Friends laughed merrily. But I was serious. I thought it was more polite than saying outright, "I think the Friends should buy me a new bookcase, since they've put the book-buying temptation there--a temptation to which I cannot help but yield."

Yeah. Kind of like people want to make the cigarette companies pay their medical bills when they get lung disease. Yeah.

Think the Friends'll go for that? ;-)


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