Wandering Aimlessly

I must admit, I haven't been on the computer nearly as much since I left Cubicle Land. I don't miss the wrist pain, the stiff thumb, the backaches, or the eyestrain at all, but I do miss having all the time in the world to visit other blogs. I love reading blogs, but my current life schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for internet-surfing.

Last night I made time. It was great fun catching up on what everyone else has been doing and thinking about. Here are a few, just a few, of the highlights I found.

I read at Terry Teachout's blog about Rifftides, a new Arts Journal jazz blog written by jazz writer and journalist Doug Ramsey. It's getting added to Le Blogroll here at A Sort of Notebook. (Speaking of Terry Teachout, I saw someone reading one of his WSJ theater reviews the other day. I had to stop myself from blurting out, "That's my friend! You're reading something my friend wrote!" Ah, the blogosphere really does make perceived "friends" of us all, doesn't it.)

Catez at AllThings2All is a friend--it doesn't matter that I've never met her in person, or that she lives all the way across the world in New Zealand. She cracked me up with these signs on her blog.

Julie Anne Fidler's book, Adventures in Holy Matrimony, has been out for a week and is available for ordering. Congrats to Julie Anne from one just-published writer to another!

All kinds of interesting thoughts and discussions have been flying around Marla Swoffer's blog lately, and I've missed the whole thing. I've planned to set aside a few hours this weekend, just for reading her blog. It's been that good lately, from what I've been able to tell from the few quick visits I've made this week.

Outer Life continues to be among my favorite blogs ever, even when he tries to be breezy and chatty like the rest of us. I actually thought about Outer Life while on the trail. I actually wondered how our Outer Life guy was doing.

Does this mean I need a life? Because I hike in the woods for two weeks and simulteneously miss reading stuff by a blogger who is stuck in an unfulfilling corporate job? Hmm ...

Stephanie writes about why kids don't like vegetables. I wonder, could she explain why I didn't like veggies until I was eighteen? (Actually, the answer is probably "stubbornness.") I probably would never have tried them if I hadn't been on Weight Watchers, which of course requires that you eat a certain amount of vegetables daily. I really get tickled now at the meals I make for Hubster and me. Rarely do I make anything I would have touched as a 13-year-old.

Here's one I've been meaning to post for a couple of weeks, but have been gravely remiss in doing so: Paula of Listen In posted her own "Where I'm From" poem while I was on the trail. It's quite good, and humorous, too. I just love her line, "I am from a Bible Mama plum wore out."


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