Sinfonia Happiness

Q: How do you get Waterfall to practice piano twice as long as she'd planned to?

A: Have her start learning a piece that she really, really loves.

I am madly in love with my two new Bach sinfonias (No. 11 in Gm and No. 15 in Bm). I can't get enough of them. I'd planned a one-hour practice tonight and ended up spending nearly two hours with George. I devoted forty minutes scales, arpeggios, and Suzuki. I devoted ten minutes to a quick & dirty Dett play-though, and I spent more than an hour on the two Bach sinfonias (sinfoniae?).

The Bm is intricate and dancey. The Gm is hauntingly beautiful (and intricate, too). Today at piano, as Deborah played the Gm through, using my fingering (I'm trying to learn how to assign good fingering), I got misty-eyed. And she wasn't even trying to play it well or anything. This piece is just that powerful.

So far, I've assigned fingering, labeled each voice (S, A, & B), and done a chord analysis for both pieces. I've begun the next step, which is learning each voice independently using the correct fingering. This is harder than you'd think. It requires a lot of focus. So much focus that, er, an hour flies by without my even realizing it.

I am so happy. And to think I came close to spending this evening at the Corn Pone, seating people. Not that that wouldn't have been fun, but ... George and I were definitely meant to be together tonight.

George is pretty happy, too.


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