Practicing Totals

It's Sunday night, and I couldn't resist the temptation to add up the totals for those taking part in the Practicing Pact for this week. The "final tally" isn't in yet, though, so if you need to post your practice minutes, please click the link under the piano image in my sidebar. (Post any minutes that you practiced between May 30 and June 5.)

So far, these are Top Three practice totals for the week. It really isn't fair anymore since Cubicle Land isn't fighting with George for my attention. But it'll be back to being fair once I (hopefully) get a server job.

Waterfall: 370
Hilda: 255
Little Princess: 180

I hope Pei Yun is feeling well and able to practice. And I've missed sparrow and Em ... where are y'all?


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