Mysterious Ways?

Note: This is the conclusion of the Corn Pone saga. Earlier installments of the Corn Pone saga are located here and here. Many thanks to all of you who responded to my plea for advice in the matter. Your responses were food for thought and helped me to sort out what I needed to do.

When I told Sherry this story, she said, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

I guess. Only thing is, I don't see anything mysterious about it.

As you all know, I was in a real dilemma yesterday regarding the Corn Pone job. I thought it would be a fun job, and I needed the little bit of extra money it would provide. At the same time, it was conflicting with a few important things in my life, and I questioned whether it was worth it. Most importantly, I had a funny feeling in my stomach, telling me that this wasn't what I was "supposed" to be doing.

When I decided to quit my Cubicle-Land job, I knew that God would open doors. I had no doubt. Weird, because I have doubts about a lot of other God-related things, but not this.

And the doors opened. Not only was I offered the school job, but my Cubicle Land company told me that their door was open there if I ever wanted to come back. And shortly afterward, I heard from a company I'd worked for years before--asking if I'd be interested in working for them again.

Wow. Also, shortly after I resigned from my Cubicle Land job (as in the same day), Hubster and I received an unexpected check for $1,300 from an unexpected source. Just like that. Suddenly, I was soon-to-be unemployed, and $1,300 richer.

Mysterious ways? That's about as mysterious as a slap in the face.

I know you're not supposed to pray for signs. Still, I kept finding myself thinking, "Oh please, if I could only have some sort of sign telling me what I should do about this Corn Pone job. Something more than just this funny feeling in my stomach."

No sign. I was going to have to trust my stomach.

So I decided early yesterday afternoon that I needed to take the difficult step of calling my new employer and quitting the job before ever showing up on the first day. Very awkward. I've never quit a job before starting.

I called The Corn Pone and got the answering machine. I started to leave a message, but the answering machine cut off before I could finish. Oh, great. I'd have to call and talk to them in person.

Shortly afterward, Hubster went to the post office to get the mail. He came home with an envelope from Cubicle Land. In the envelope was a check. Apparently, I'd racked up more vacation time than I realized. The check amount equalled close to the amount that I would have made during my two months at the Corn Pone.

Mysterious ways? Blatantly obvious ways? Synchronicity? Sheer coincidence? The sign I was hoping for?

I don't know. All I know is that quitting the Corn Pone Cafe was the right thing to do. Nothing mysterious about that.


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