Friday, June 17, 2005

Mush Brain

My brain is mush. Sorry, folks. Nothing witty or interesting to read at "A Sort of Notebook" today. I'm so much on my TNP plane that I'm having trouble with non-TNP stuff. Like at the coffee shop, I put sugar into my water and stirred it (instead of putting it into my coffee, which was the original plan). And then I nearly popped because I had to pee so badly, but I kept thinking, "I'll go after the next paragraph. I'll go after the next paragraph." And then, "I'll go after the next paragraph."

I'm on page 97 of this "writing exercise" of a novel I'm calling TNP. It's full of cliches and anachronisms so far, but that's OK. Those are fixable. The story is happening, and that's what amazes me. I'm just sort of watching it happen: watching my hand move the pen over the pages, watching the ink spill out of the pen into words, sentences, and paragraphs. Watching the characters interact with each other, converse with each other, get themselves into pickles, try to muddle their way out. Watching them grow in ways I hadn't originally expected. Reading the story as it happens with a sort of amused curiosity. Wondering just what will happen next, and then being pleasantly surprised when the thing that happens next is interesting, exciting, or thought-provoking.

Yep. I am definitely getting into the novel-writing zone. No question about that.

I'm just not sure how to get out of that zone when the morning writing session ends, though. Hmm. Something to ponder. After the next paragraph.

Have a good weekend, all! If I'm not blogging much, it's because of my mush brain.

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