Log Those Hours!

Welcome to yet another week of the recently resurrected practicing pact.

For those of you who are new here, A Sort of Notebook runs this little "pact" every week. It's basically a way for us musicians with non-musical professional lives (from Cubicle Dwelling to home-making and home-schooling) to make ourselves accountable for practicing.

Because no one pays us to play music, and because it's typically something we do for ourselves more than for others, many of us have a tendency not to make time for it. I know I do. But it's important that we make time for practicing and allow ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our labor. And when we play well, that's when it's most fun to share our musical skills with others.

Rules and Regulations (ha!)

So, if you're new to the pact, feel free to join. I can only think of a few unspoken requirements. I guess they'll be spoken requirements after I type them.

(1) You should be an amateur musician. In other words, music can't be your professional job. If you teach piano or play in an orchestra as a "side job," then that's fine. If you're a former professional who has changed careers, that's fine, too. Music students, like our own Little Princess (whose mom posts her practice minutes), are welcome. If you must constantly remind yourself to make practicing a priority, then this is the place for you!

(2) Here's a non-rule: All musical instruments are accepted (except maybe air guitar!). This started out as a piano thing (since I play piano), but it's long ceased to be just about piano.

(3) I announce "first, second, and third" places each week, but that's just for fun. This isn't a contest. So if you're only able to put in 15 minutes a day, or an hour a week, please don't let that keep you from posting your minutes. The "pact" is for you. It's an informal way of helping you hold yourself accountable for practice. It's a way for us to share what we're working on. And, if you do have a competitive streak, well, it gives you even more of an impetus to practice!

So, let's get started. Post your practice minutes each day for the week of June 6 through 12 in the comments section of this post. Include the date of practice and the primary pieces you practiced. If you don't want to search for this post later in the week, you can click the link below the image of piano keys near the top of my sidebar.

Happy practicing!


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