A Job Hunt, and So Soon ...

Welp, the true direness of my straits has begun to sink in. It looks like I'm going to have to find a job to hold me over between jobs. Either that or live without health insurance. Ah, if only I had married for money instead of knock-your-Smartwools-off love! (Just kidding, Hubster!)

So, I checked out the local want ads and I have some choices. First, here are the non-choices:

Driver (I'd never pass the vision test)
Certified Nurse's Aide (I'm not certified)
Salesperson (I'd rather walk on hot coals)
Administrative assistant (Too "permanent" for someone just looking for a summer job)

Here are the choices:

"Server" (i.e., waitress)
Motel housekeeper
Cosmetics lady at the mall
Avon Lady

Now, "server" is the most appealing of the three, although, for all my non-makeup-wearing lifestyle, I do think it would be fun to be a cosmetics lady at the mall. If only it didn't have to be at the mall. And that is a sales job. So is Avon Lady. Motel housekeeper sounds okay, but most of their work is in the morning, and I want to save my mornings for writing.

Really, I get so much writing and piano-ing done between 7:00 and 2:00. After that, I still get work done, but I'm not nearly as gung-ho about it. That's why "server" seems appealing--most of those jobs are for a 3-11 shift.

Can a part-deaf person be a good restaurant server? Will my chances of getting a server job and actually making good tips be at least partly dependent on my ability to look cute and blond and perky? I'm an introverted 35-year-old, but I can still put on the cute-blond-perky persona when I need to. At least I think that's the case. I'll have to go visit the cosmetics lady at the mall first, though. Or else become the Avon Lady.


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