Monday, June 6, 2005

Hired on the Spot, Baby

They say that English majors and writers make great food & beverage employees when we grow up. Let's see how this English major and writer does.

I got a job as a hostess and sometime waitress at what I'm going to call "The Corn Pone Café." I wanted a 100-percent waitress job, but most of those jobs were for full-time, until-eternity (i.e., not summer only) help.

I start Wednesday, dinner crowd.

I have a few scheduling conflicts to deal with: volunteer work, Sis's pre-wedding activities, cultural stuff, etc. One scheduling conflict I do not have is with my novel-writing time and my piano-practicing time. Those are in the morning and early afternoon, and I'll be working at the Corn Pone on nights and weekends.

I just can't believe I got hired so quickly.

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