All Dewey'd Out

No, I'm not dewy-eyed. I'm dewey'd out.

Hubster and I have spent the last day and a half Dewey-Decimal-Systematizing our "home library"--all 1,152 of our books. From Austen to Zindel. From computer books (Dewey 000s) to Trail Guides and History (Dewey 900s), and everything in between.

For the first time since I was in grad school, my books are in order: by topic, by genre, by author, by title.

Yes, Hubster rolled his eyes when I said we're going to have a "poetry section" and a "children's-book section" and a "Louisiana collection." But he is a good hubster, and he played along.

(He made the comment, "Good thing we don't have any more books! We don't have room for any more!" And I couldn't bear to tell him I'd pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ...)

Did you know that, when you do a Google search, if you include the term (in quotes) "find in a library" with the book title, you'll be able to find the book in a library--any library in the US? And if, for some obscure reason, you need the Dewey or Library of Congress classification number for the book, you'll find it!

I found the online database of the State Library of Louisiana particularly helpful for my weekend project. Perhaps 'tis vanity, but I couldn't help but look up my book, 50 Hikes in Louisiana. My book's special code is La 796.5109763 Bax 2003.

I have so many good books. And I bought so many of them at the great bookstores you could once find in Baton Rouge: Elliott's Book Store, Caliban's Used Books, and Cottonwood. Thanks to Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million, Elliott's and Caliban's are long gone. Cottonwood is still there, and I miss it.

With all this classifyin' and organizin', I guess I haven't been in a "P(erceiving)" mood tonight (that's MBTI talk). I really want to get on Excel, onto my book database, and make charts showing the percentages of all the types of books I own.

Jeanette in California, you are a "J." Does this kind of thing appeal to you? All this classifyin' and organizin'?

My waitstaff job at Café Teria starts at 6:30 tomorrow morning. I'd better get to sleep. Library charts will have to wait till later.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I sure did!


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