Update from Waterfall

Hi all,

I am writing from a hostel somewhere on the Appalachian Trail, just about halfway through my two-week hike. I spent the first week with my friend Isis, then she had to head back to Maine. Starting today, I'll be hiking with the Hubster that we all know and love.

It's been a great hike so far: mostly good weather, and a terrific thunderstorm that we got to watch from a shelter with a view. I got a bad sunburn early in the hike, along with lots of blisters on my feet (due to the heat). But most of that is healing by now, and I'm looking forward to another great week on the trail.

Hope everyone is doing well. Wish I had time to visit other blogs, but to be honest, I have a fifteen-minute online limit here, and I don't even have time to read Thirsty Soul's entries (hope he's doing okay!).

Take care, all. I'll be back a-blogging next Sunday or Monday.



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