The Pressure of Blogsitting

Is Waterfall gone? I really tried to play it cool when she asked if I'd like to Blogsit for her. The reason is because I truly wanted to give blogging a go. However, I have zero references, no experience, and I am not certified in Blog CPR.

I don't know how this can possibly be a winning situation. If I am a good blogsitter, then I will feed you all pizza until you are stuffed and let you stay up past bedtime. Then you'll be sort of sad when mom comes home because the "cool" blogsitter will have exited with a wink.

However, if I stink at blogging, then Waterfall's loyal readership may dwindle due to her poor choice of a blogsitter. (No reference check, even? What was she thinking? This guy is seriously boring!) Since I am not trained in blog CPR, and since I am new to the World of Blog, I won't know what sort of posts will keep this alive for two weeks if I start flopping big time. I am seriously breaking into a sweat.

Waterfall has talent and creativity. This much is obvious to everyone who reads her blog. Me, I am still learning how to download and post pictures to the web. Pitiful! Further, I can hardly bang out a note on the piano or any other instrument. (Though I can fake G, C, and D well enough on the guitar to get through some songs. But I quickly make a discreet exit after showing my three tricks.) Hopefully, I will be able to come up with enough creative thought to keep you, her loyal readers, interested until she returns.

So, I only ask that you bear with me until she returns. For my part, I promise to be a loyal Steward until the greatly anticipated Return of the Queen. I will attempt to be creative and not boring for the next two weeks. (The cardinal sin of blogging is, of course, being boring.)

There, I feel much better having gotten all of that out. One final word of confession before I go. I wanted to post this yesterday, but Waterfall would have seen it. Further, I could not figure out how to actually put my post up and I was too embarrassed to ask for directions. Until later friends....



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