Monday, May 2, 2005

Practicing Pact, Week 5

Time to start a new week and a new month of practicing. To review the "rules" (as if you can really call them "rules"!) ...

1. The only real purpose to the "practicing pact" is a establish some sort of accountability for those of us who are non-professional musicians and sometimes have trouble making time for music. You don't have to play any instrument in particular; in fact, in the last month, we've had cellists, double bassists, oboists, a trumpeter, and a guitarist, in addition to the pianists.

2. Just enter your practice time in minutes each day in the comments for this post. Be sure and let me know the dates of your practices, and also what you're working on.

3. Since I blog a lot, this post will get buried beneath a lot of newer posts. To get to it easily, click the link below the "piano keys" toward the top of my sidebar.

4. Practice! :-)

5. If you get a chance, check out this article by Matthew Harre, "The Baggage Fossils Bring to their Lessons," about adult music students, our expectations, our struggles, and our strengths. As with other music articles I've linked here, it's primarily concerned with piano students, but will be of interest to adult music students in general.

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