Out of Steam

If you visit this blog regularly, you'll notice that I've been blog-bingeing more than usual. Or blog-vomiting. I can't seem to stop writing post after post after post, no matter how bland or boring the topic.

This is partly because my morning writing sessions have become nearly non-existent. See, I have to write in the mornings so I can purge my brain of Random Thoughts and make way for Interesting (i.e., shareworthy) Thoughts. The Random Thoughts I should have "released" get too crowded in my brain, particularly once the Interesting Thoughts try to move in. Finally, when my pea-brain can't take it anymore (usually around 9:00 a.m.), the thoughts all burst forth like a giant Conglomerated-Thought-zit and end up sliming all over my computer keyboard and into the blog. It makes a horrible mess. And the Interesting Thoughts are all but lost in all the muck.

Why am I not writing in the morning? It's because I can't wake up. Why? Because I am so burned out on the drudgery of my job and this corporate-commuting life that leaving my bed, my Hubster, and my kitties nearly takes an act of God each day. My last day at this job (tomorrow!) cannot get here soon enough.

I'm not burned out on blogging, though (obviously!). But I'll admit that I need a break. I spend entirely too much time on it. I spend too much time on Sitemeter, on Haloscan, on other blogs, on e-mail even.

Part of the purpose of my hike is to forcibly remove myself from the e-world. When driving to work in the morning, I hear stories on NPR about how we're bombarded with subtle marketing tactics, how our cell phones are becoming multipurpose entertainment units, and how we'll soon be able to access our favorite technology gadgets (TV shows, games, etc.) while driving.

(begin "Twilight Zone" music here ...)

I feel like the invisible grime of some Elusive, Sinister Other is seeping unbidden into my very pores.

I just want to get away!! Away from It.

(Insert sound of hideous laughter. End "Twilight Zone" music.)

Three days from today, I'll be on the trail. No depressing NPR stories about how technology and marketing are eating away at our souls (we're told we're consumers, but we're really being consumed, aren't we?). No ranting talk-show hosts. No voice-blogging colleagues. No buzzing cell phones (hopefully). No "ding!" when e-mail arrives. No cubicles. Just me, and the birds, and the flowers, and the rain, and open spaces, and the dirt, and the critters, and God. And the occasional hiking companion. That's the way it's supposed to be.

Stay tuned ... I'll post a couple more times before I leave on Friday. Don't think I've gotten the blog-bingeing bug out of my system yet! :)

Update: Unbeknownst to me, Paula of Listen In wrote on a similar topic today in Blogaddicted. She's an INFP like me, so maybe it's an INFP-o-sphere thing going on ...


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