Monday is Music Day

Monday is a hard day. Mostly, it is because Monday always follows Sunday. Yes, that is a fairly obvious point, but for a pastor, Monday is sort of a regrouping day. All week long I prepare for Sunday. I pour out my heart and soul in that day. I believe with all of my heart that the most significant thing about you is what comes into your mind when when think about God. This singular aspect, whether we are aware of it or not, shapes our decisions in every aspect of life.

My life is dedicated to telling people of the greatness and majesty and wonder that I have seen in Jesus Christ. Yet, I labor under the awareness that I can not possibly do Him justice. Such is the glory of God in Christ.

So, on Monday, I play the piano. I enjoy trying to peck out songs on the piano in our sanctuary when there is no one there but me. Sometimes, I even string together some correct notes. It's a great relaxation and quite the worshipful experience. After I've tried to play the song, I sit at the piano and sing it. (Did I mention that I make certain that no one else is around?)

I am not certain what it is about this that soothes me so. I am quite an awful pianist. (That's not modesty, I am pretty bad.) I think that it is the knowledge that, though I cannot do the song justice, the memory of the melodies and words are in my heart. I am trying to mimic a genius that I myself have not attained.

And that brings me back to Sunday. On Sunday I stand and declare things too wonderful to express. It is the echo of the song of joy that the Spirit plays in my heart. On Monday, it is easy to be saddened by the inability to communicate perfectly such wonderful truths. But, like my piano playing, I am making marked improvement. The song is still in my heart, and next Sunday, I will get another chance to play it.


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