I'm Free!

I'm free! I'm free! No longer am I a squinting, mouse-clicking, depressed cubicle dweller! No longer am I required to be at work at 8:00! No longer! For I am now gainfully unemployed until August! Woo hoo! Hiking trails, here I come! George, here I come! Relaxation, here I come!

Stuff I've done since leaving work today:

- Used the nice gift card to Malaprop's that my co-workers gave me (bought Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver)
- Got in my car to drive home, and immediately my favorite "freedom" song, "Me & Bobby" McGee (Janis Joplin version) came on the radio
- Went shopping for last-minute hiking supplies (for the fourth time in three days)
- Stopped by the library to return some books
- Had a celebratory glass of Merlot
- Played piano for two glorious hours

Tonight, we're picking up our friend Dodger, a hiker from Oklahoma, at the airport.

Tomorrow after music theory, we're heading to Damascus for Trail Days, which is basically an annual festival for Appalachian-Trail dorks (kind of like Miata dorks, Jeanette, only a lot slower-moving).

At Trail Days, I'll see my friends Isis and Jackrabbit, a.k.a. The Barefoot Sisters, for lots of laughter, fun, trail memories, singing, and ivory-tickling (Jackrabbit is a pianist and composer, and she and Isis wrote that great hiking song, "Dig a Hole, Dump Your Load").

Then I'm a-going hiking. And I won't stop for two wonderful weeks. At least.

Woo hoo! Wee hee! I'm a happy girlie, I am!

Have a fun couple of weeks, y'all. And be sure to check back every now and then; ThirstySoul should start posting soon.


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