Herbologizing? Herbalizing? Herbizing? Herbonomics? Potting herbs?

Whatever it's called, it's what I did today. In addition to writing a whopping five pages of the novel and spending an hour on piano, that is.

I got a bit wild at the garden store. It must be something they put into the soil.

I know next to nothing about gardening. Why should I? I've never lived in a place long enough to actually garden, and even if I'd wanted to garden, I worked such long hours that I wouldn't have been able to devote adequate time to it.

See, if I'm going to do something, I want to do it right. I want to give it 100 percent. I hate just halfway-doing something. Know what I mean? So I never started gardening because I didn't want to do a 50% job of it.

But now I'm gainfully, blissfully unemployed! So, I allowed myself an Herb Day (kind of like a "Me Day," only different). Hubster and I grew some herbs last summer with some success, so I was ambitious today. While Hubster went to Asheville with our friend, The Artful Dodger, I potted marjoram, thyme, rosemary, parsley, spearmint, garlic chives, oregano, cilantro and sage, along with non-herbs such as cherry tomatoes and bellpeppers.

Oh, and I potted some catnip. How could I forget the catnip? We may not have any left tomorrow, but the $2.99 I spent on the starter catnip was well worth the entertainment we got out of it.

The best part was when we caught Beau red-pawed, his face ridden with guilt.

The spearmint went into some iced tea I made tonight, and the rosemary went into a yummy chicken dish that included a sauce I made from crushed grapes, onion, garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar, and a few other yummies in addition to rosemary. Then I made a warm strawberry sauce and dumped it on some vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. Mmm. Decorated it with sprigs of mint.

Enough Martha-Stewarting for me. This is definitely not typical Waterfall behavior. Maybe my real self will be back tomorrow.

Until then, I'm enjoying the remainder of Herb Day. I don't know what I've enjoyed more--the mint sprig-garnished ice cream, or the catnip.

The catnip. Definitely the catnip.


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