Monday, May 30, 2005

Have You Practiced?

Yes, friends, it's time to start posting those practice minutes again. I have a piano lesson on Wednesday and will somehow fit in a few practice sessions between now and then.

I actually played a few times on the trail. The Dancing Bear B&B in Damascus (VA), the Sunnybank Inn in Hot Springs (NC), and the Duckett House in Hot Springs all had pianos. I'm happy to be back with George, though.

I have much to write, but not a lot of time at the moment. I promised myself that, once I was officially back home and not working, I would spend three hours a day on my novel. So that's where I'm headed, folks: to my office, my notebook, and a great, big tale that's been collecting in my mind for several months now.

More later. Musicians, feel free to post your practice hours in the comments to this post.

1 comment:

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