Experiencing Blogger Guilt

I am experiencing a new emotion lately. It's a term that I shall call, "Blogger Guilt." I am afraid that I actually have a two-fold case of it. It would be one thing if it where my blog, but it's quite another when you are blogsitting.

It begins by my imagining all of you in bloggerland clicking on Waterfall's blog, only to see the same old post that you read three days ago. Nothing new there, not even a new witty comment. Then, throughout your workday, you obsessively and compusively click on this "favorite", hoping for something new to read, but alas, it is the same stuff as before.

The reason that I say obsessive and compulsive is because this actually describes me. I am an addicted blogreader. I have several which I go to everyday, several times a day, even knowing that nothing new will be there. Sometimes I even leave comments. Those days are the worst. Then, I return fifty times to see if someone responds to my response. Sometimes, I'm overjoyed with, "Oh my gosh! JollyBlogger noticed my comment!" Isn't that sort of sad?

Maybe this post really isn't so much about my blogger guilt. I really wanted to write something good this weekend, but I was slamming busy. Now, I will have a little more mercy when all of my favorite blogs are not fresh and exciting. I mean, these people have other lives, too. What was I thinking?

So, today I will rest a little easier my friends. Today, when you click on Waterfall's blog, there will be another new post there. Joy! Rapture! Something to read!

I think that bloggers are just insatiable readers. When you guys were kids, did you read the cereal box while eating your cereal. I am always in need of things to read! And blogwriters are, in general, far more creative than the nutritional information on the back of a cereal box.


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