The Double Bassists Beat Us Again

OK, fellow pianists and oboist, if this were a competition, we would be losing. Big time. Practicing pact results for this week:

Em (double bass) logged a whopping 345 minutes.
Pei Yun (double bass) was second at 280 minutes
Kim (piano) came in third with 160 minutes.

Sparrow, Hilda, and Waterfall were close behind Kim. Dulciana is still trying to get settled in, and Fran and Little Princess didn't log any minutes, even though I'm sure this was because they were too busy practicing! :)

I'm leaving on Friday and won't be back until, oh, May 30 or so. So, unless someone else would like to host the Practicing Pact at their blog for a couple of weeks, the Pact will be on sabbatical until I get back.

Congrats, all! It's hard to find practice time at this time of year (especially for you mommies!), so congrats on finding time and still getting a few minutes in here and there.


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