D2 Rolling Stone Interview

Looks like my old flames are all reunited and touring, and talking about how evil our government is. Rolling Stone interviews Duran Duran in their current issue online. In a "fifteen-minute rant about the U.S. government, apropos of nothing," the brilliant political commentator/guitarist Andy Taylor says, "I tell you, they're going to change the American Constitution to let an Austrian Nazi who's admitted using steroids become president ..."

Yeah, whatever. I like what Alice Cooper said about pop-star political views.

Still, the article is a fun read, partcularly if you're a child of the '80s and an ex-Duranie like me. This cracked me up: Simon LeBon "offers his wrist to smell. 'Do you like my cologne? It's called Farts-A-Lot.'"

Ah, but it was that charm, that irresistible charm, not the cologne (or the political commentary!), that won me over to the Fab Five when I was 14!


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