Cold Feet?

Update: My favorite cool New Yorker cousin, LaVronica, has converted the song file to a .wma, which should be much easier to download. Thanks, LaVronica!

I just got a very pointed but sweet and encouraging e-mail from a dear friend, saying that I am being a super-sensitive silly goose with cold feet and that I should re-post the link to "Logan's Song" so my dear blogospheric friends can listen if they want. So here is a re-post of yesterday's de-posted post.

Thank you, Cuz'n LaVronica, for giving me some space on fwapah! to store my little song. It's called "Logan's Song" and is a 4.5-minute piano-pop song (music only). It takes forever to download, but boy, is it worth the wait (ha ha). Seriously, for those of you who want to listen and have the patience to wait a couple of minutes for the download, I do hope you enjoy it. I wrote it about 25 years ago, and I still like to play it.


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