The Blogsitter

Maybe it's my blogaddiction thing. I'll be gone for two weeks, but I can't stand the thought of poor Blog sitting idly by, just because no Waterfall is available to post things.

I'm not sure why this is. It's not a concern about losing readers. It's not a concern about getting kicked off blogrolls. It's just that ... this Blog is my baby. It needs a babysitter. A blogsitter, so to speak.

So I'm going to do the TT/OGIC thing, the 2Blowhards guestblogger thing, the ... ThirstySoul thing.

My friend Brad (you may have noticed his comments here and there on this blog), a.k.a. ThirstySoul, is going to try his hand at blogging here at A Sort of Notebook for the two weeks that I'm away. A preacher, English major, husband, dad, admirer of C.S. Lewis and Jonathan Edwards, closet piano-learner, hymn-lover, voracious reader, poetry enthusiast, thinker, and admitted voice-blogger, ThirstySoul will, I'm sure, write on topics that are much more interesting and thought-provoking than that of my sore thumb.

ThirstySoul's website,, includes theological reflections and a link to pictures of his little baby, Ethan. His most recent "reflections" include "The Great Burden of Wisdom" (on the Puritans), and "The Reality of Spiritual Battle and the Necessity of Preparation," and "Your Problem is not your Self-Esteem."

So, be sure to keep checking A Sort of Notebook. Our blogsitter will start posting tomorrow or soon thereafter. Welcome aboard, ThirstySoul!


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