Wandering Aimlessly, but with Gratitude

I wandered over to Technorati yesterday to see who is linking to my blog and found quite a few new sites. So, I just want to thank those of you who have recommended and/or linked my little old corner of the blogosphere.

New folks include Patty, whose oboe blog is among my favorite music blogs. The oboe also happens to be my favorite instrument in the orchestra, so believe me, I am thrilled that an oboist likes my site!

Dulciana, in Musings of a Mommy Musician, is also thinking about what it means to be an amateur pianist. She's also joined the piano-practicing pact and is playing Beethoven's Pathetique sonata, which is on my "one-of-the-days-if-I'm-ever-good-enough" list.

Just Muttering By Myself has lots of stuff on knitting and crafts, and also informs us that April is National Mathematics month. Who knew? My friend Kellih the math major will be thrilled that April is math month, in addition to National Poetry Month!

I believe Reverend Mommy found me through Songbird's site. And they've both linked me. Thanks, girls!

Oh, and some blogger named Terry Teachout linked to this blog recently. (Did it make my day? Why yes, it most certainly did.)


Elsewhere in my blogospheric wanderings ...

Cousin Stacey has a new blog. A real blog. A Blogger blog. She's calling it Housewife in Flip-Flops. She, too, can now experience the same frustrations that we Blogger bloggers have known lately. (I know. I shouldn't complain. It is a free service, after all.)

Lynn S., John, and Forrest have been seeking out their dead celebrity soulmates. My dead celebrity soulmates are Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, and James Baldwin. Whom should I pick? Whom should I pick? So many dead artists, writers, and composers, so little time!

Speaking of Forrest (a living-and-breathing composer), the CD containing his composition, Anagoge, is now listed on Amazon. Congratulations, Forrest! (despite the frustrations ...)

Marla is starting up aggregators for each of the 16 MBTI types. I volunteered to help with the INFP aggregator. Overly imaginative, crowd-hating, hyper-sensitive, procrastinating bloggers, UNITE!

Scott Spiegelberg posts Snopes for Music Theory, which will be of interest to his fellow music-theory nerds in the blogosphere (of which I am one).

Last but not least, I recently got an e-mail from preacher Brad Williams of Thirsty Soul. He said he's getting quite a few hits from my site and thanks folks for visiting. He also invites feedback from folks on the short essays he's written on the Bible and theology.

That's all for now!


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