Tired, With Too Much to Do

Stuff to do this weekend:

Write in journal
Wash, dry, fold, and put away four loads of laundry
Clean desk/office
Put gas in car
Call Isis & Jackrabbit (too late ... maybe Monday)
Vacuum carpet throughout house
Clean out nasty fridge
Clean up cat throw-up
Make run to garbage dump
Write article for Josh
Study Pagemaker guidebook for Literacy Council (too late ... anytime before Thursday)
Study web design guidebook & start collecting info for Thirsty Turtle website
Work on article proposals (too late ... do later this week)
Work on resume
Straighten/clean out drawers (dresser drawers, not panties!)
Practice piano once, maybe twice or thrice
Work on theory/composition
Go to John Prine concert
Go to church Sunday
Go to tsunami benefit in Asheville Sunday
Get expensive cat food that doesn't make cat sick (Hubster will do tomorrow)
Do week's grocery shopping
Plan all two menus for next week
Sit down with hubster to discuss goals for Thirsty Turtle Press
Don't get depressed. Don't get depressed. Don't get depressed. (Yay! I didn't!)
Gnash teeth and tear out hair and/or jump off high bridge

Hm, and I wonder why I never have time to practice. I'm too frustratingly busy and tired during the week, then I have to spend my whole freaking weekend doing the stuff I didn't have time to do between Monday and Friday. I don't see how you moms and dads out there, with actual families to take care of, don't go bonkers on a regular basis. My imaginary hat is off to you.


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