Sunday, April 10, 2005

Practicing Pact, Week 1--Call for Totals

OK, practicing musicians (ha!), it's time to turn in your totals. Each new practicing week is going to begin with Monday, OK? (That way, you can spend Sunday afternoon catching up if you neglected practicing during the week, ha!) I have all totals added up through today(Sunday, April 10) ... but I know some people practiced today who haven't entered their time yet. If you want to be included in the totals (and I have cool Excel graphs and everything), be sure and add your time soon! Just log it here.

I'll tell you this much ... the pianists have edged out the double bassists so far, but only because we are greater in numbers. As far as average practice time, those double bassists are kicking our bench-flattened patooties!


[Previous mini-update follows.]

It looks like the practicers are off to a good start. We've all fit in practicing when we could, despite migraines, busy schedules, and piano-hogging kids!

Our participants now include two double-bassists and a cellist, in addition to the pianists. Pieces we're working on include Chopin nocturnes, a Chopin waltz, a Beethoven sonata, a Brahms intermezzo, Beethoven's Fur Elise, pieces by Kuhlau and Clementi, and double-bass pieces by Marcello, Berkeley, and Cimador.

And in only two days, we've totaled almost six and a half hours of practice time! That's roughly a half-hour a day on average. (I apologize for dragging down the average ... but I had to devote last night to music theory, which doesn't count. Boo hoo.)

I'll adjust the averages after more practice times have been logged here. (You can also get to that post by clicking the "Click here to log your practice time!" link in my sidebar.) So, if you haven't practiced yet today, try to squeeze in a few minutes if you can!

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