Thursday, April 14, 2005

Piano Anxiety at Divertimenti

Dulciana at Divertimenti has taught piano for twelve years. She offers her and offers her thoughts on piano anxiety, which she writes in response to my Piano Anxiety post of a few days ago. In it, she writes about those spring concerts that piano students always have.

I actually looked forward to the spring concerts (I do have an inner show-off). If I were a piano teacher, I'd probably follow tradition, more or less. But I also like the idea of offering, maybe in addition to the "dress-up" recital, less formal opportunities to perform (nursing homes, etc.). I worked at a nursing home for a couple of years and would play piano on my breaks, everything from Chopin to Scott Joplin to good Southern-Baptist-style renditions of hymns. They loved it. And it was great because there really wasn't any pressure to "perform." I was just having fun. And so were they.

Go read Dulciana's post. It's good, and offers food for thought as well.

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